Incurably Happy

by outofthesea

(Incurably Happy)

I have, without regard for reason or logic, a sense of unextinguishable hope. It flutters within me, tickles me, cradles me. Drags me out of bed in the morning and drenches me in sunshine. Makes me laugh when I have no heart to, gives me strength when I am miserable, teases me when I am mad. Holds my hand in the rain or in the dark or in the cold. Fills me with bliss, relentlessly, patiently.

Makes me unafraid, even of my most formidable fears, the ones that put me to shame and leaden my feet. Emboldens me, arouses my greatest passions and renews my faith in a new day, day after day. I want to spend all my sunrises, sunsets, moonrises, darkness and dawn, just like this. With my most favorite voice in the universe, like rumbling waves on the shore, lulling me to sleep at night and luring me awake with the sun.

At any moment, I am unconsciously compelled to smile, at the mere thought of together.
I am hopeful, my heart, full.

I am incurably happy. Ridiculously so.