This summer

by outofthesea

Recently, I’ve been shyer about putting my things online. I used to use a different platform until I went on a hiatus and I didn’t actively use this even after I made it, so it’s really been a while since it’s been consistent. Half of it’s been laziness, half of it uncertainty, because let’s face it, I haven’t been busy enough to warrant not having time to not share my writing, since I have had the time to actually write…BUT I’m going to try to make it more habitual. It’s good incentive for me to keep writing, too.

Anyways, this summer, I’ve been presented with a good opportunity to write frequently, which I am thankful for. I am doing a writing piece for a prompt everyday/every few days, and although I’ve already written a couple, I’ll put them up as I write them from here on out.

And, since I’ll be writing on here anyways, I’ll probably start writing about other thoughts I have/other writing I do during my days as well. Should be fun.

Happy happy summer!